About Us

About the Artist

Hi, my name is Jessica.

My family moved to AZ when I was really young. I was basically raised and grew up in Phoenix. The four main pillars my life revolve around are:

My family. My friends. My pets and My art.

Family wise, I have an amazing support system. I have an older sister, younger brother and two awesome parents. We have a pretty large family and they have always encouraged me to be my authentic self. My friends and loved ones have always been supportive of everything I do and I am blessed to have such a loving and caring group around me.
My significant other and I have two beautiful dogs together who keep us on our toes. They are two rambunctious boys who love love love to play ball at the park and to tear around my house like crazy guys. Their names are Gus and Roks and they are both about two and a half years old and have spotted skin that shows through their white fur. Everywhere we go they get a ton of attention because they are so cute and unique looking. We also have two desert tortoise whom I love to watch. They have little personalities of their own and I just love watching them eat and sunbathe.

As I grew up, life took hold and I did what I was “supposed to do”. I got a job, paid bills and fell into the “normal day to day” routine. Most people do the norm, right? If I’m being honest, I did truly enjoy my day job and feel grateful to have worked for an amazing company. I LOVED my “after work” studio time more than anything though. Which leads me to my studio, ART with me Az LLC.

Art brought brightness and beauty into my life. It motivated me to do some cool things. Now I want to share that brightness with all of YOU.
All in all, my “story” is: I am an average lady who works her ass off. My message is: Stay true to yourself, create, be unique and always follow your passions and dreams. Even if you have to do it in your spare time. I evolved into the human I am today because my kick ass family allowed me to be my most passionate, driven self. I have kick ass customers (YOU) who come in to the studio and SHINE when you paint! Those smiles keep me going!
My goal with ART with me Az is to bring color into your lives and share the joy of getting your hands dirtied up with paint!  My promise to you: I will create a damn good experience! You will have a fun unique painting class where you will paint a masterpiece to take home and cherish! Nurture the wild, free spirited artist in you and come paint with me in my studio!
– Jessica